About us


President at the center

Prof.Toshiro Matsui
Director of the Research and Development
Center for Taste and Odor Sensing,
Kyushu University

The Research and Development Center for Taste and Odor Sensing has progressed to represent the advanced research of Kyushu University in the past 5 years since its inauguration in 2013, earnestly owing to former director Prof. Kiyoshi Toko and his pioneering and farseeing research on the development of taste sensor, as well as the leadership behind the successful achievement of interdepartmental collaboration all across Kyushu University and cooperation from external institutes. From this fiscal year, with the addition of 3 new faculty members, the Center, composed of 4 divisions (‘Taste Sensor’, ‘Odor Sensor’, ‘Sensory Physiology’ and ‘Applied Medical Sensing’), is ready for whatever challenges and is aiming for greater activities in respective fields. The center takes it as its responsibility to research and develop the mechanism as to why and how any object is sensed based on scientific rationale, and disseminate the fruit of our findings. Combining the “sensibility” of all faculty members, we sincerely devote ourselves to the construction of a world-leading research center.