Research contents

Division of Taste Sensor

The our aim is to establish the sensing device technology which can express the taste that human feels.

Furthermore, we suggest the technology of fused sensor system that includes olfaction, vision, audition and tactile sensation.

Division of Taste Sensor research contents(Establishument of fundamental science technology of taste sensors) here

Studies on the analytical evaluation of food functionalities regarding sensory properties and physiological modulation.

Division of Taste Sensor research contents(Establishment of new evaluation systems on food functionalities) here

Division of Odor Sensor

The our aim is to develop technologies to measure the space information concerning the chemical substance and creation of space chemistry information.

Furthermore, we construct comfortable and safe environment by controlling chemical substance in the space based on the space chemistry information.

Division of Odor Sensor research contents here

Division of Sensory Physiology

The aim is to unravel the perception and transduction mechanisms, relationship with organs and regulation of food intake in taste and olfactory information by molecular and cellular chemistry, molecular neurobiology and brain science. That is followed by application of them to medical and health science, and diagnosis technology.

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