Research contents

Division of Taste Sensor/Odor Sensor

The our aim is to establish the sensing device technology which can express the taste that human feels.
Furthermore, we suggest the technology of fused sensor system that includes olfaction, vision, audition and tactile sensation.

Studies on the analytical evaluation of food functionalities regarding sensory properties and physiological modulation.

The our aim is to develop technologies to measure the chemical information concerning the chemical substance and creation of valuable chemistry information.
Furthermore, we construct comfortable and safe environment by controlling chemical substance composition and distribution based on the chemistry information.


Division of Sensory Physiology・Medical Application Sensing

The mission of division of sensory physiology and medical application sensing is to clarify the perception and transduction mechanisms, relationship with organs and regulation of food intake in taste and olfactory information by molecular and cellular chemistry, molecular neurobiology and brain science. We also aim to elucidate a biomarker compounds for onset of diseases (in particular cancer) and to conduct their clinical evaluation and translational research for new diagnostic technology.


Division of Auditory and Visual Perception Research

Humans have discovered, adapted to, and created new environments. Their elaborate systems of auditory and visual perception were developed in this process. We investigate how we hear sounds and how we see things as well as what kind of roles the perceived events and objects play in human society.
We aim at establishing evidence-based design as an indispensable field to connect different scientific disciplines.


Division of Integrated Research for Five-Sense Devices

The mission of division of integrated research for five-sense devices is to promote coordination research to integrate advanced technologies regarding human five senses developed in other 3 divisions, namely, chemical sensing technologies, physical sensing technologies and mechanism of perception. Based on the new integrated technologies for five senses, we also aimed to develop novel technologies and innovative devices.